Single channel HD video, 00:05:30
Sound design: Donna Haringwey

SOUR DIRT attempts to render the poisonous, weedy and weird reality of digital world making by navigating the liminal spaces between unruly wilds, non-living growth and toxic clouds.  Developed within this time of multivalent crises - the most imminent of which catalysing a full-blown surrender to digital infrastructures.  

‘Dead Time’, 1080p video, 10:35, Sound design: Toni Quiroga,  2019
‘C12_H22_011’, 1080p video, 2019
Metal stud, expanded aluminium, machine screws,  sugar, LEDs, Arduino, vibrating motors, polythene.

[un]dead Labour probes questions of the contemporary developments of automation, networked society, digital agents and the addictive nature of data driven applications. We now find ourselves on the cusp of a Fourth Industrial Revolution where complex computational systems have become second nature, embedded within all aspects of life. The project draws a parallel between sugar and data/ data driven applications; both being the most valuable commodities of their time along with their shared schizophrenic nature, providing happiness, delight and enjoyment whilst also having darker insidiousrealities of addiction, power and control, to name a few. We are entranced by our divisive devices, enslaved in invisible labour,stuck within the loop, from individual to integer, repeating our function until we have overindulged in nauseating waves of informatic eye candy.