Diane Edwards navigates the parallel yet entangled worlds of climatic mutation and digital optimization. Using synthetic and organic media to create sculpture, moving-image and installation - their research led practice conducts inquiries into digital, biological and earthly spaces, and ecologies. Recent projects have investigated digital/organic ontologies; rare earths; the human microbiome and more-than-human life; speculative notions of life after ‘mass extinction’; the socio-technological issues of AI, technology dependence and labour.

CV / Portfolio and all other enquiries:

In Flow Museum Ratingen,Ratingen, Germany
Big Screen Southend Focal Point Gallery, Southend , UK Holon Hoxton 253, London, UK

AI Glossary, edited by Anna Engelhardt and Ilan Manouach with 170 contributors exploring the synthetic nature of cognition from a variety of perspectives: interspecies, crip, monstrous, feminist, distributed, and decolonial, among others, Onassis Publications, October 2021

Tenderness in Extractive Worlds Out of Doors, Transmediale, HKW, Berlin
Limitrophy Foreign Objekt, online exhibition
Sonic Bites Cryptic Glasgow, online screening
Takeover & Online Screening FuturShock, London 
Quarantine 10 Piksel Festival, Bergen, Norway 
Colab Fellowship BeFantastic,  Bangalore, India
Date Me Digital Quartier am Hafen, Cologne, Germany  
[ SPACE ] LCN Creative Development Programme, London 
BAD ROMANCE Group show, +DEDE, Gussglashalle, Berlin
[UN]DEAD LABOUR Solo show, w/ Shipment & Many Hands, London
DIGITAL GODS Die Digitale Dusseldorf 
SECOND NATURE Glasgow International 
TRANSMUTED WORLDS Glasgow International  

Active member of artist-run gallery Gossamer Fog

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