Diane Edwards confronts the interpolating realities of technological progress, societal change and ecological disaster. Utilising synthetic and organic media to create virtual worlds, moving-image, sculpture and installation - their research led practice conducts inquiries into digital, biological and earthly ecologies, drawing influence from Science Fact, Science Fiction, philosophical, technological and environmental concerns. Recent projects have investigated catastrophe and complex systems;  digital/organic ontologies; the alien nature of human cognition; rare earths; the human microbiome and more-than-human life; speculative notions of life after ‘mass extinction’; the socio-technological issues of AI, technology dependence and labour.


In Flow Museum Ratingen,Ratingen, Germany
Big Screen Southend Focal Point Gallery, Southend , UK

AI Glossary, edited by Anna Engelhardt and Ilan Manouach with 170 contributors exploring the synthetic nature of cognition from a variety of perspectives: interspecies, crip, monstrous, feminist, distributed, and decolonial, among others, Onassis Publications

Tenderness in Extractive Worlds Out of Doors, Transmediale, HKW, Berlin
Limitrophy Foreign Objekt, online exhibition
Sonic Bites Cryptic Glasgow, online screening
Takeover & Online Screening FuturShock, London 
Quarantine 10 Piksel Festival, Bergen, Norway 
Colab Fellowship BeFantastic,  Bangalore, India
Date Me Digital Quartier am Hafen, Cologne, Germany  
[ SPACE ] LCN Creative Development Programme, London 
BAD ROMANCE Group show, +DEDE, Gussglashalle, Berlin
[UN]DEAD LABOUR Solo show, w/ Shipment & Many Hands, London
DIGITAL GODS Die Digitale Dusseldorf 
SECOND NATURE Glasgow International 
TRANSMUTED WORLDS Glasgow International  

Active member of artist-run gallery Gossamer Fog

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