Single channel HD video, 00:08:30
Sound design: Donna Haringwey

Panarchy Paradise probes notions of deep entanglement, hyper-relationality and the potential for catastrophe within socio-ecological systems by navigating the intrinsically interwoven chemical, material, biological, informatic and energetic flows - coursing and cascading through multi-scalar structures, networks and ecologies within physical and virtual domains. A morphogenic meditation on the dense,  infinitely connected webs and vectors of relation - connecting all life and matter all the way down.  A dance of continual emergence, transformation and plasticity along intersecting lunatic geometries and unpredictably turbulent trajectories. 

As we pivot on our temporal axis towards an imminent critical edge, a destructive discontinuity flips the equilibrium mutating the flow.  Weird systemic behaviours unfold, catalysed through the manipulative nature of human proliferation. How do we situate ourselves within this tempestuous and twisting, topological space? What will result from this loss of resolution and untangling of knots, and what will emerge from such catastrophic beginnings?

Commissioned for FLOW, Ratingen Museum, Germany