Single channel HD video, 00:02:30
Sound design: Donna Haringwey

There are no windows into the world she occupies,
she exists within the prediction space
- a perceptual time lapse -
where the generative power of approximation and expected truth
construct a feeling of experience

This hallucinatory synthesis feeds from a continual stream of sensory stimuli,
arriving at her awareness with the latency of an eyeblink

The neural network stitches an illusion, filling the gaps within her temporal blindspot,
classifying unseen messages,
rendering a prediction model of reality from within,
to be experienced now 

Matter becomes imagination,
we have evolved to be frugal with our perception of how things really are 

Fast processing filters out data deemed unnecessary to our goals for survival, and proliferation
But what if we paid attention?

What escapes these automatically generated phantasms?

What assumptions manifest in such haunted futures which may not be?