Clip from DEAD TIME, headphones recommended

Single channel, HD Video 00:11:35 
Sound design: Donna Haringwey 

Through the Hyper-evolution of our technological tools,
we enter an era of automised intellect
mechanisation to mass production,
digitisation to planetary systemic control,
Are we headed towards a workless world?
A frictionless existence?
A stultifying negentropic norm?
Architects of our own obsolescence,
we are consumed by a subterranean infrastructure of automation

The world is no longer really ours
Once considered dead..our tools have awoken
Lively algorithmic agents
Feasting on our online behaviours
Learning by fatal error
The digital permeates the biosphere
nested within one another
infinitely and Intimately connected
objects and edges go deeper and deeper
complexity upon complexity
Seduced by sickly sweet silicon
Sticky fingers smear black obsidious screens
touching, caressing, stroking
mechanisms of manipulation
Watching and listening
We are transfixed
Repetitive, predictable, programmable
Stuck in dead time
Taunted by the urgency of haptic harassment
Trapped within a bittersweet hyper-connection

Data addiction may lead to mental cavities
human decay
A deep detachment from the real
Eyes dashed red, empty, staring
Digitally directed by FAGMA fixation
grasping limbs anxiously strive to extend their reach
Always on, always hungry

That luminous water -- it takes its gleam from millions of invisible undead workers
It's the glitter of putrescence.
There's no beauty here
We work with our hands, in an involuntary, invisible data labour
tangled within the threads of execution
The working dead, from individual to integer.
A quantified brainless mass
No longer surfing the wave but swept along within the control flow
Are we the users or are we the ones which are used

Before The Upcoming, Aici Acolo, Satelit Matka, Bucharest, 2023 
Bad Romance, +DEDE, Berlin, 2019
[un]dead Labour, Shipment, London, 2019